Bikes, Bark, & Bears

It's been a bit... I was trying to think of a good excuse, but the truth is every time I've done an event in the past couple weeks I kept forgetting to take pictures. So I've finally been able to collect a few shot for you of what I've been up to...

These past couple weeks I've been getting into mountain biking. I'm loving it- even the bear encounters! Getting uphill has been a challenge but the downhill is SO worth it! That being said, I find myself often pushing my bike up the hill trying to catch up to the guys. But I like to think this affords me the opportunity to be inspired by this beautiful valley I live in!  I've been collecting branches & such to give some of the designs a local feel.
Above: Eremurus, Lophomyrtus, birch bark skin, moss & twigs.

The next couple were sympathy arrangements sent out these past couple weeks.

This last one is still waiting for a home :)  I just liked the unlikely mixing of Allium, Queen Anne's Lace, & Chocolate Cosmos (which actually smell like chocolate!).

I hope you are getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather!

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