I live in a dangling carrot.

I love Fernie. I know I've said that before, but right now Fernie feels like a big carrot.  Yep, carrot (that is being dangled in front of me). Despite the fact that Fernie is a ski town, my favorite season here is summer. This town has so much to offer in the summer: biking, kayaking, climbing, disc golf, and much more! But it's not summer. It's spring and the bike paths are *almost* dry, but not yet- and I want to ride soooo bad.  I have other reasons (some lame) for why I can't do the other things listed- but I won't bore you with those. : )
Lucky for me I have a saving grace: My job. I'm not going lie and say I enjoy every moment I spend at my shop- there is definitely times I would rather be doing one of the activities listed above (or sleeping). However I love designing, I love creating something unique and beautiful. I love having people say "rustic & natural", or "funky New Zealand" and getting to interpret that into an arrangement. Here are a few designs from the last couple days.

My Roomie's Birthday Flowers from her boyfriend : )

Anniversary Arrangement


Just Because: "rustic & natural"

** Just a note: these canning jars have been popular for wedding centerpieces over the past couple of years, but now they are becoming popular as gifts/everyday arrangements. They lend a real summertime feel to the arrangements & I'm excited to use them for some harvest designs this fall! **

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