Warming up to PB...

Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.
John Harrigan
 My shipment of Permanent Botanicals (fancy florist speak for artificial flowers) arrived today. Now those of you who know me, know I have pretty strong feelings towards these... mostly negative. I love fresh cut flowers- there really is no replacing them in my eyes. They are living (sometimes even still growing), smell amazing and so varied. Each stem is just a bit different than the next, none of these cookie cutter stems you get with "permanent botanicals" ( I like to say that with a snobby voice). And no, fresh cut  don't last forever and I think that is part of the beauty of them- or at least that accentuates and perhaps helps one appreciate their beauty.

: )  All that to say... these past couple weeks I received two requests for PB arrangements, so I  brought them in and I made them up today here we are...

A woman had received an arrangement from us in memory of her husband, she really loved it and asked if I could recreate it in PB.  The picture below is the PB version and you can see the picture of the original in there too!

This second one is for a woman who really wanted something to put on an antique chair she bought for her porch. She brought in a card, with a painting of an arrangement on a chair that she really liked. I did my best to replicate it!

I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out. I know PB aren't THAT awful, and they definitely have there place. I'm slowly warming up to the PB... we will see : )

I'll leave you with a couple fresh arrangements from this last week... since you had to listen to my ranting : )

This first was for a wedding anniversary this past weekend. Dahlias, eryngium, tulips, magnolia tips, and yellow Asiatic Lilies.

And finally this little cutie was made up for the cooler.  Burgundy Cymbidium Orchids & white spray roses.

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