An Evening Forage

"Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them" ~ A.A Milne

Lately on my dog walks I have caught myself closely inspecting all the different types of greenery, wild weeds, and blooming Lilacs lining the well beaten paths of Fernie. I have become completely enamored by the lush greenery sprawling throughout our beautiful valley, and yesterday I decided it was time to bring the outdoors in!

With my coffee & baileys in hand and the pup in tow I headed out into the forest to forage a bit of that sought after greenery that I have been longing to have in my home.

Now there are a few ground rules when it comes to foraging; always ask your neighbors for permission and remember many parks don't even allow foraging. So don't just ride around town robbing your neighbors of their carefully nurtured blooms and try to stay away from public parks and paths where removing the natural landscape will be damaging.

I was pleasantly surprised by the generosity of my neighbors, letting me cut those gorgeous Lilacs that would become the focal point of my arrangement. I've always had a deep appreciation for nature and I'm sure my love for flower arranging started early on. As a little girl I was endlessly constructing daisy crowns, braiding grass and pulling up "weeds" to give to my mother as a bouquet. Now, as an adult I am continually fascinated by Mother Natures abundant offerings. 

Once I had collected my "found flowers" and greenery I headed indoors just as it started to rain and got to work on my table arrangement. The weight of the Lilacs created that flowing organic look I'm drawn to, and all the different types of greenery I collected added texture and helped with the flow of the arrangement.

It was a great evening to say the least, it is always a delight to be in nature and connect with the earth. I now challenge you to get out there and make something of your own, everything is blooming this time of year, especially those Lilacs.

Remember, only pick what you will use and ALWAYS ask your neighbors for permission!


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