For the Calla it.... anyone?!? (tough crowd, tough crowd)

Well this week I ordered in the purple/chocolate callas to show a bride. I have to admit they've never been my favorite flower I lean more towards bright and funky (more like the pincushion protea that I paired with them). Despite that I may be coming around; this afternoon has been a bit of a "calla re-appreciation" time for me.

       Back to the original reason I brought them in... I had a bride looking for nice but economical center pieces. So we came up with a smaller version of the one below (though in a large cylinder vase).
I like how the everything becomes magnified under the water. And the contrast of the traditional calla and the wild willow works for me.

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  1. i'm not too tough of a crowd - the title made me smile. Like the callas with the pincushion protea - nice contrast :)