They're not so bad!

This past week has been pretty full of bridal consults. And most weddings seem to involve either red or purple! A couple of brides I had in this week were looking for a deep purple in their bouquets. I decided to show them the purple artichoke I got in ...

The bottle is there just to show the scale. Needless to say they weren't really sure what to say. Recognizing it may be hard to picture yourself walking down the aisle holding a large vegetable, I decided to try to bring some perspective and make up a bridal bouquet using the beaut.
I'm pretty happy with the results...

I surrounded the artichoke with green hypericum berries, mini cymbidium orchids, cordyline leaves, and myrtle.


  1. Who knew artichoke could be so beautiful! Love it!

  2. love it! did you glue the cymbids on, or are they waterpicked?

  3. myrtle, who knew. I just thought that was the name of a turtle..or a very fertile woman :)

  4. Love this! You're so talented!! You are for sure going in the blogs I follow!

  5. Stunning Carmen! Awesome job, I am so proud of you!