SpRinG & SUnsHinE !!!

Spring has sprung here in Fernie, and I'm loving every minute of it! I guess the sunny weather makes people crave colour !  It has been a fun week with the flowers flying off the shelf and people coming in to grab some sunflowers, gerberas, tulips anything bright & cheery! I haven't had time to blog but I have a couple pictures of some arrangements from the past couple weeks.

And of course with spring comes the new babies! Some Grandparents took this one when they went to meet their new grandbaby!

I combined the hot pink gerberas, stargazer lilly, and white dendrobium orchids, using leucadendron to finish off. The grass loops and polk-a-dot ribbon kept it young!

Some Lucky Lady received these this week!

On the other hand these 70  long-stem red roses made enough of a statement and needed no additions! (I only filled the vase 1/2 full of water- otherwise it was too heavy to lift!)

And then there is this beaut! I LOVE these pitchers- they are meant for mother's day, but I just couldn't resist using one today - especially since we just got the peonies and anemones in!

This one smells AMAZING with the purple stock, pink roses, pussy willow, anemones, & peonies!!

That's all from me right now, hope you are getting out and enjoying the sunshine!!

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