This week has been crazy! So many bridal consults, but I'm loving them! Fernie brides are so creative and yet laid-back at the same time. I found myself saying "so earthy & funky, with a touch of New Zealand- is that what you're looking for?" "Yes". Love that!
Unfortunately these weddings are weeks and months aways, so pictures of those will have to wait! But to hold you over, here are few from this past week.

These first few were for the Easter Service at Mountainside Community Church.
green button mums, hypericum berries & eryngium

Stargazer lilies, orinthogalum.

Gerberas, ranuculus, leucadendron                               

And this one was for a local business.

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  1. Carmen,

    You are very talented in making floral designs. I love seeing your posts and reading your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

    <3 Glory