Happy Marmie Day

Marmie- it's what I call my mom. Why? Couldn't tell you, maybe I like having a name that only I call her... She's an amazing woman, and it just so happens that she LOVES flowers. So for the past few years it has worked out well, having her daughter work at a flower shop. But once I opened my own shop she started to get the "left over" flowers or the ones I didn't want to sell. Poor marmie. So I was determined to get her the "first choice" flower this mother's day. Here they be.... (though I had a few people try to buy them off me)

And here are a few others from the weekend.


  1. looks like you were busy this weekend. and "marmie" - maybe it's from Little Women?!?!?!

  2. Yeah we were -and you're right that's were it's from!!