Glass half full of warm fuzzies?

I'm not sure if I'm in denial or just going for the glass is half full approach... This is what it looks like outside:

 And this week is COLD, some reports are saying we could hit a record low of -42C (about -44F). Despite the fact that it is too cold to... well do anything; I've been trying to think warm thoughts (while sitting on my portable heater). There are plenty of Albertans who came here to ski, but are making their way downtown to find a warmer past time for their holiday- shopping. I decided to use lying as a marketing tactic (white lies!).

This is what I put in my window- it was meant as an encouraging statement, but now I'm wondering if maybe it's more of a mocking statement. I watch people bundled up and bending into the wind, stopping to read my little note. Does it give them hope and some warm fuzzies? or make them want to curb-stomp my sign... I choose to believe the warm fuzzy one.

We recently got our INDABA spring order in (which include the chalkboard-pots from the previous pic!) All this new merchandise has given us a chance to rearrange the front a bit. I've notice that this shelf in particular has been getting a lot of attention today. Not sure if it is all the bright colours, or that everyone has warm bath/showers on their minds... and I'm sure the all the amazing smells don't hurt either!

And last but not least here are a couple warm & tropical arrangements! (Sarah made these ones!)

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