Celebrations of a Love & a Life

Today I've been involved in celebrations of a love & a life. First the love. Dayna & Paul are Fernie Locals who quite possibly picked the whitest day this year for their wedding! Dayna was a dream to work with. Originally we had planned on a bouquet made entirely of orange orchids. Unfortunately when the order came in on Friday the flowers were frozen solid, time for plan B! After a few phone calls and a quick drive to Cranbrook, I was able to secure purple orchids and some tulips and came up with this beaut! Congratulations Dayna & Paul!

Now for the celebration of a life.  This piece was made for the funeral service of a Fernie local.

Because of the need to change to Plan B with the wedding flowers I was left with wedding & funeral both to be done on sunday night. It was a late work day but luckily I got some help with the prepping of the funeral wreath. The wreath was first lined inside and outside with white carnations, next the middle was filled in with variegated pitt. Finally a burst of color and texture was added to the bottom (blue eryngium, orange mokaras, Orange lilies, red tulips, white roses, yellow mimosa, and variegated tropical greens).

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  1. carmen, the bouquet is beautiful! nice result from a stressful situation!