Summer is a comin' !

Finally the sun has come to our little valley! It's weeks like this that remind me why I love this town! The first day of nice weather I went out to boulder in town and saw people out doing everything: soccer, softball, basketball, running, walking, slacklining, biking. So great, our summers may be short, but we definitely make the most of them!

Anyways here are a few more mother's day arrangements as well as some other's that went out this week.  The first two were bought by a guy that came in, it was mother's day and his wife had just given birth to their daughter. So one was for Mother's Day & the other was "congrats".
Blue Anemone, Purple button mums, yellow roses, waxflower, solidago
Pink Gerberas, Pink Spray roses, white tulips, white lisianthus, Pink snapdragon, pink waxflower. 

This one I took to The Brickhouse Bar & Grill. I have to admit it has been a while since I've worked with tropical flowers. I enjoyed ribboning & twisting the tropical leaves... it's one of my favorite "tricks".
Pink Gerberas, Birds of Paradise, tropical leaves
 This next one is very similar to what I gave my mom for mother's day. It was ordered for a fiance's birthday this week. The footed bowl is mercury glass. The whole thing feels, classy, springy and romantic.

Pink mini gerberas, pink asiatic lily, pink roses, green hydrangea, white lisiantus, white button mums, pink waxflower

And finally I've been wanting to do this for Yama Goya (local sushi bar) for a while and finally made it up today. Flower Sushi, it was fun to make.
Bits & Pieces of: roses, pincushion protea, mums, carnations, hypericum

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