Here comes the bridal showers....

So a while back I posted pictures of the flowers I did for my dear friend Moraya's wedding. But I forgot about the pictures from the shower I threw for her. It was a daytime shower, so I wanted it to have a light feel, lots of flowers (of course!) and fruit seemed to keep it light & fresh!

My dear Momo (and yes, I made her wear the shell bra!)

For the flowers I used an assortment of vintage vases I've collected over the years. (the green goblet & mustard vase are my favorites!)
Purple Stock & yellow roses


Yellow mini cymbidiums, orange mokara, crespedia, and pincushion protea

Gerberas (the bride's favourite!)

Yellow mini cymbidiums, waxflower, pink freesia, crespedia

Pink & Purple Anemones, waxfower

mmm.... topped with raspberry, blackberry and lime zest

 It was a fun day. These last two photos are from a couple years ago. Moraya and I lived together and when life got too stressful we would drive to the end of a back road, roll down the windows, turn up the music & dance in the headlights. Good times.   : )

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