Succulents- BC Style

Oh hi. Wow it's been a while and I've been busy these past couple months (relaxing & working), with lots of pictures to show for it! I promised Thailand photos, and I will do a post on that, just waiting for the pics :) 
This past Saturday I was in the shop alone and was researching air plants- which I love! During my research I took a little rabbit trail and ended up finding this super cute succulent planters and decided to try my hand at them- they are so BC (especially Fernie!).

Baby First:

 My Favorite:
 The whole Family : )

They are so cute & yet wild, and maybe even manly...?  They'd be perfect on a desk, coffee table, bathroom counter OR wedding centerpiece! And the best part is they are ridiculously low maintenance (did I mention manly?). Right now they are the stars of our shop window, but hopefully they will find loving homes soon!

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