Orchids & Deep Water Soloing

I unexpectedly had the day off today, so I thought I would use this morning to finally post about my trip in January to Thailand! (this is going to be a long one)
I arrived in Bangkok a day before Morgan, his brother Rob met me at the airport and we spent most of the day wandering around the markets. Obviously my favourite was the flower market. Streets lined with piles of flowers? Yes please!

 From what I could tell it seems that most of the flower sales are for funerals, or for people to put at the little altars they have at home.  It was interesting to see their "techniques". The wreath above (and most others) are for the most part not put in oasis (though I saw people with stacks of it, so it must be used) rather they wrap little bags of water around each stem and shove them into either styrofoam or the wicker forms you can see in the background above.

 I couldn't get over the price of orchids- these were only $2-3 for a bunch!

 Loved this- this entire truck & the one in front of it were all roses.
 Then we headed to the islands for snorkeling & climbing...

 Morgan doing some climbing.
 Haha. I can't remember if I was taking this picture of Rob or the man behind him...

 Morgan making "special connections" with the locals.

 Deep water soloing... (sorry mom)

 Saying goodbye at the airport- I think it was about 2am.

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  1. Hey, Carmen;
    I know you wrote this three years ago(!) but I just now found it! What an amazing blog post of your time in Thailand! How beautiful are all of the flowers, the water, the land...thanks for taking me away for a little while! Have a great day.