Snowy Day Desktop.

It's snowing and I'm pretty sure everyone in this town is up at the hill... kinda wish I was too. But I'm not, so I've been cleaning off my computer's desktop (almost as fun). I found a couple bouquets that I like and didn't blog... or at least I don't remember blogging them! So for a snowy day in February these are little reminders of summer and fall.

The first is from a wedding this past fall. I can't believe I never blogged about it- also I can't find any pictures of it finished (if any photographers have it- would love to share it!). After this picture was taken I finished it off with a few curly willow loops.
Cymbidium Orchids, Autumn Leaves, Flame mini callas, hyperium berries, gold mum
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The second one was a wrap that went out from the store last fall. Just a fun mix of tulips, coxcomb, Leuco, pods & pitt.

Hope you are enjoying your day! (and doing something better than tidying your desktop!)

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