*~* Top 5 textured bouquets of 2010 *~*

Since my last posting I've been thinking about how much I love textured designs. But even more so I love the unexpected mix of textures; the spiky eryngium, and  placid craspedia  surround by a cloud of soft white hydrangea. Um, yes please. The 2011 wedding season doesn't officially start for a couple weeks (FYI there are some delicious bouquets planned!) so I've been reviewing the 2010 season and wanted to share my favorite five textured bouquets! Here we go...

fIvE...   The Artichoke Bouquet

So this wasn't for a "real" wedding- I made it because I was having a hard time selling brides on having vegetables in their bouquets (still waiting ladies...). I really love it. The colours are muted, but  your eyes bounce from smooth, to rough, to fluffy, to... berries.
To see the "before" pics you can visit the original post for this bouquet (also was my very first post!).

FOuR...    Naomi

 Naomi's whole wedding was amazing (see past blog posting). She owns Heaven Stitch & Design down the street and she had great creative touches throughout her day. With this bouquet it's pretty obvious that the colour isn't what grabs you, more so the different textures tucked in tightly together. You may be thinking about petting the screen right now- don't - it doesn't work.

tHReE...   Yellow/Green Ryckman Bouquet

Again, this wasn't a real wedding. I made this for a photo shoot with Ryckman Photography.  Berries, Craspedia, Succulents and swooping Lily Grass. I really love this one, a lot. Yep, that's all I've got for this one : )

tWo...  Leah

Leah was another Fernie bride with great ideas. She came to the consult with a picture of a cotton bouquet and asked if I could get those in. Yep! Then I crossed my fingers and asked "how do you feel about feathers?" (she felt good about them) and this beaut was born!  Mixing Cotton branches, carnations, poppy pods, feathers, and lambs ear- so great! 
(Kyle Hamilton Photography)

oNE ...         Kim

Kim was yet another amazing local bride that was willing to try something different. I remember being pretty excited (but professional- I kept my cool) when she agreed to having succulents in her bouquet!  Eryngium, crespedia, succulents, curly willow and hydrangea.  I added a pic of the button hole too, just because it's so great!


  1. fun post! my fave is still that artichoke bouquet :)

  2. Mine is the yellow/green for the photo shoot! Love it! Well, I love them all! You are such a talented florist :)