Scott loves Dani

Just to give you an idea how much this couple loved flowers, this first picture is the arrangement he had waiting for her when they arrived at ILL the day before their wedding.

Scott and Dani made it clear from our first meeting how important the flowers were, and from what I hear from the wedding staff at Island Lake Lodge, there were flowers EVERWHERE!! So pretty. 

Dani carried a cascade (sorry the picture is sideways!) of yellow lilies, mini calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, oncidium orchids, and soft yellow stock. So fragrant & tropical!

I had a lot of fun working on these bridesmaids bouquets, I was given a lot of freedom and decided to try something a little different . Starting with a soft base of white hydrangea and football mums, I added a few yellow cymbidium orchids and then wrapped it all up with the oncidium orchids. Although if left to their natural ways the oncidium would stick straight up, I liked the idea of them "growing" like a vine, winding its way through the bouquet. 

The cute birdcage they had at their signing table.
And of course I forgot to get a close up of all the centerpieces! Here they are as a group, waiting to be delivered.  They were in 14' frosted glass vases and included: white hydrangea, yellow lilies, white football mums, yellow football mums, and green button mums.

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