Sunny Succulents

A heart that loves is always young. - Greek Proverb

Fall is in the Valley and I'm afraid it just may be here to stay... the upside to that is the warmth of my laptop is a lot more appealing, and I'll be focusing on the blog again : )  I was just browsing through my pictures and I realized how many weddings I have to show you- lots!  So lets get started, this wedding was not a big one, but it's definitely one of my favourites that I've done to date, it's a little bit o' sunshine. It has a lot of things I love in a bouquet: yellow, succulents, & LOTS of texture!

Workbench picture. 

Football mums, freesia, crespedia,solidago, and succulents. Yep, yep.

Cute, cute, cute.

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